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Ultimate Guide to Finding Hobbies to Replace Video Gaming

What can I do with my free time?

If I won’t play video games, what else can I do?

You’ve asked this question because you’re looking for things to do to replace gaming.

But before we dive into the different hobbies you can choose from.

Let’s first answer this question

Why replace gaming?

A lot of people in the gaming quitters industry asked this question and oftentimes, they don’t get the best answer.

So here it is.

The reason you need to replace gaming with new hobbies is to reduce the level of urges and cravings you have for gaming and eventually quit it forever.

You read it right, urges and cravings.

As you decide to quit playing video games, you’ll find yourself thinking about the latest update/version of the game.

You’ll start thinking of the recent discussions on forums about the latest tricks and strategies to level up your character.

It’s getting more difficult because your body is trying to push you out from bed to your desktop computer.

Your gaming friends talks about the new RPG game.

The truth is:

If you never find one hobby to replace gaming even if you’ve decided to quit it forever, you’ll find yourself going back to gaming addiction.

As you spend time with your new hobby, it helps reduce your level of urges and cravings for gaming.

The secret to successfully quit gaming is to spend most of your free and idle time to your new hobby so you can find yourself not thinking about or even feeling about any gaming urges at all.


Let’s go to the meaty part of this post.

Below are hobbies to choose from. You can find at least one of them and try to spend time learning it. I’ve shared more tips on how you can be passionate with your new hobby at another section below.

  1. Fixing old imports/drifting
  2. Workout
  3. Air soft shooting
  4. Hiking
  5. Ballroom dancing
  6. Reading novels
  7. DJing
  8. Graphic design
  9. Dancing (hip hop / Latin)
  10. Music – playing guitar and piano
  11. Comic books
  12. Drawing manga
  13. Exercising
  14. Martial arts
  15. Book reading
  16. Lightweights
  17. Learning languages
  18. Website design
  19. Programming



  1. Antiques
  2. Autograph
  3. Car Collecting
  4. Coin Collecting
  5. Comic Books
  6. Concert Posters
  7. Doll Collecting
  8. Fine Art Collecting
  9. Hot Wheel and Matchbox Cars
  10. Keychain Collecting
  11. Manga
  12. Model Diecast Cars
  13. Movie Memorabilia
  14. Music Memorabilia
  15. Spoon Collecting
  16. Sports Collectibles
  17. Sports Trading Cards
  18. Stamp Collecting
  19. Vinyl Records
  20. Watch Collecting



  1. Animation
  2. Architecture
  3. Calligraphy
  4. Candle Making
  5. Crochet
  6. Film Making
  7. Gardening
  8. Jewelry Making
  9. Lomography
  10. Origami
  11. Papier-Mache
  12. Photography
  13. Sewing
  14. Sculpting
  15. Ceramics / Pottery
  16. Fashion Design
  17. Floristry
  18. Graffiti
  19. Knitting
  20. Paper Airplanes
  21. Painting and Drawing
  22. Quilting
  23. Scrapbooking
  24. Soap Making
  25. Woodworking
  26. Tattoo
  27. Balloon Art



  1. Model & Electronic
  2. Electronic Hobbies
  3. Automobile Restoration
  4. Ham Radio
  5. RC Boats
  6. RC Cars
  7. RC Helicopters
  8. RC Planes
  9. Robotics
  10. Scale Models
  11. General Model Kits
  12. Model Cars
  13. Model Airplanes
  14. Model Railroading
  15. Model Rockets
  16. Model Ship / Boat Kits
  17. Scale Miniature Building
  18. Computers
  19. Web Site Design



  1. Acroyoga
  2. Archery
  3. Acrobatics
  4. Badminton
  5. Bodybuilding
  6. Bowling
  7. Boxing
  8. Cardio Workout
  9. Cliff Diving
  10. Croquet
  11. Cycling
  12. Diving
  13. Golf
  14. Gymnastics
  15. Fencing
  16. Horseback Riding
  17. Ice Skating
  18. Inline Skating
  19. Pilates
  20. Running
  21. Swimming
  22. Squash
  23. Tai Chi
  24. Tennis
  25. Triathlon
  26. Weight Training
  27. Yoga
  28. Air Sports
  29. Airplane Flight
  30. Airplane Combat
  31. Base Jumping
  32. Hang Gliding
  33. Paragliding
  34. Skydiving
  35. Wingsuit Flying
  36. Motor Sports
  37. Autoracing
  38. Go Karts
  39. Motocross
  40. Motorcycle – Touring
  41. Motorcycle Stunts
  42. Off Road Driving
  43. Snowmobiling
  44. Board Sports
  45. Kitesurfing
  46. Skateboarding
  47. Sandboarding
  48. Snowboarding
  49. Surfing
  50. Wakeboarding
  51. Windsurfing
  52. Martial Arts
  53. Aikido
  54. Capoeira
  55. General Martial Arts
  56. Jiu Jitsu
  57. Judo
  58. Karate
  59. Kung Fu
  60. MMA – Mixed Martial Arts
  61. Taekwondo
  62. Outdoor Recreation
  63. Birdwatching
  64. Camping
  65. Fishing
  66. Hiking
  67. Hunting
  68. Kayak and Canoe
  69. Mountain Biking
  70. Mountaineering
  71. Paintball
  72. Parkour – Freerunning
  73. River Rafting
  74. Rock Climbing
  75. RV Travelling
  76. Sailing
  77. Scuba Diving
  78. Shark Diving
  79. Snow Skiing
  80. Water Ski
  81. Fly Fishing
  82. Ice Fishing
  83. Backpacking Travel



  1. Ballet
  2. Break Dancing
  3. Line Dancing
  4. Modern Dance
  5. Pole Dancing
  6. Salsa
  7. Swing
  8. Tango
  9. Waltz
  10. Acting
  11. Historical Reenactments
  12. Juggling
  13. Magic Tricks
  14. Puppetry
  15. Stand Up Comedy



  1. African Djembe
  2. Banjo
  3. Bass Guitar
  4. Beat Box
  5. Conga / Bongo
  6. Drum Set
  7. Guitar
  8. Harmonica
  9. Piano / Keyboard
  10. Audiophile
  11. Blues
  12. Classical
  13. Jazz
  14. Musicals
  15. Opera
  16. Compose Music
  17. DJ
  18. Mashups
  19. Rapping
  20. Singing
  21. Start A Band



  1. Meditation
  2. Intellectual
  3. Investing
  4. Languages
  5. Neuro Linguistic Programming
  6. Reading
  7. Sign Language
  8. Speed Reading
  9. Writing
  10. Freelance Writing
  11. Play Writing
  12. Novel Writing
  13. Poetry
  14. Screenwriting
  15. Songwriting



  1. Bartending
  2. Beer Brewing
  3. Beer Tasting
  4. Cigar Smoking and Rolling
  5. Cheese Tasting
  6. Coffee Roasting
  7. Competitive Eating
  8. Cooking
  9. Liquor Distillation
  10. Hookah Smoking
  11. Pipe Smoking
  12. Tequila Tasting
  13. Spirits / Liquor Tasting
  14. Sushi Making
  15. Tea Drinking
  16. Whiskey – Scotch Tasting
  17. Wine Making
  18. Wine Tasting
  19. Sake Tasting
  20. Grilling



  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Ferrets
  4. Insect / Spiders
  5. Parrots
  6. Rabbits
  7. Reptiles
  8. Rodents
  9. Snakes
  10. Turtles
  11. Fishkeeping


Go to the nearest bookstore and department store. Search around and go to each shelf or section of the store. There you’ll see at least one thing or product that can capture your interest – that can be your newest hobby.


Once you choose a hobby that interests you the most, spend time enjoying it. There are many ways to do this but here are effective ones you can try out.

Find stories of people in the niche

A simple search on Google will help you find people who became successful in that new hobby that you want. Try using this search phrase, “influencer” or “expert” “hobby”.

Replace “HOBBY” with the name of the hobby itself.

hiking hobby

For instance, if you want search for “expert” “hiking”, you’ll come across this blog of Jeff Alt.

Jeff is an expert in the field of hiking. He is a renowned book author and speaker.

If your new hobby is hiking, then you should definitely follow this person.

Research for at least five influential or successful people in your hobby/niche. They could be book authors, speakers but I highly recommend to find someone who’s into blogging. List down their names in your notebook or digital pad.

Once you have a list, here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Check out their about or story page. If you can’t find it, you can search for their name plus “interview” and you’ll find websites that feature their stories. If the person is highly influential, you’ll be able to see tons of interviews of him/her. You can read each of them because different interviews have different types of questions and could reveal different angles, insights and lessons they’ve been through becoming experts on their hobby or niche.
  • Subscribe to their email list or email newsletter. This can help you easily track if they have notifications of new blog posts, videos or even social media updates that can help you as a newbie in that industry. Most of these are actionable how-to guides and blog posts that can give you some learnings to each and every area of the hobby.
  • Check out their contact page and see if they invite questions to be asked or some opinions to be heard. This is your opportunity to ask direct questions through the contact form and know more about their journey in a 1 to 1 communication via email. Don’t be shy. Not all of them are snobbish and would literally prefer to answer questions in the best way that they can.

Learn deeper about the industry

For the first few weeks or months learning about the hobby, you’ll find some difficulty enjoying it. But it all boils down to how committed you are to learning about the niche.

Here are some actionable ways to learn about the industry on a deeper level.

  • Buy books in your nearest bookstore about your new hobby. If you can’t find one, you can purchase online at Amazon. I recommend that you look for “Dummy’s Guide” to [state your hobby] or any beginner’s or newbies’ guide. This can help you digest bite pieces of information regarding the topic of your choice.
  • Search for “Glossary” “Hobby/Niche”. Check out the first few pages in the search results. By reading them, you’ll be able to understand technical terms or jargons . It would help you dig deeper into the topic as you can easily relate to the latest article on [ hobby ] because you are able to understand the “not-so-familiar” words.

Network with like-minded hobbyists

To be able to love your new hobby, you need to find people who can help and teach you how to be more passionate in your new industry.

Who you’ll become in the next 30 years is the sum of the books that you choose to read and the people you choose to associate with.

The good thing here is that you won’t just be able to learn from experts and influencers in every meetup or seminar where you’ll participate into, but you’ll also win some friends that later on might become your mentors or business partners in the future (who knows?).

My best tip for you is to go to and type in the hobby/industry. There you’ll see a handful of choices (seminars and meetups) which mostly are available for free that you can register and participate on a regular basis.

The first try is quite difficult since you don’t know whom you’ll meet in the first place. But as you attend twice, thrice and on continuous basis, you’ll find yourself enjoying about the meetup because overtime, you are gaining some new friends. These people can help you out succeed in your new industry.

Participate in online communities

If you still don’t have the guts to attend offline events, start with joining and participating in online industry forums and community websites.

Sign up as a member and introduce yourself (most forums have their “introduction threads”).

You can ask questions straight in Quora regarding the hobby or industry you’re into.

There are also group chats at Slack in some industries where you can engage with like-minded online users. This could help you learn more not just the industry itself but also how responsive the community is to any questions from newbies in the niche.

Turn your hobby into a business

If you are enjoying in the new hobby, you’re more likely grow your career in the particular field.

Over time, you won’t just acquire basic knowledge but soon become a practitioner yourself.

One way to be more passionate in what you do is to start helping others by starting your own online business.

Here are different business models you can start with.

Instant Consulting Business

Starting a consulting business means you’re going to teach other people (either on 1 on 1 or group coaching) on a particular topic where your expertise lies.

Write first your business statement.

I will help clients _________________________________________________________.

(Fill up the blank with how you can help other people in your industry)

After hiring me, they will receive [core benefit + secondary benefit].  

(There should be valuable benefits for your consulting clients). For example, if you’re into music specifically in teaching teens to play basic piano chords, your benefit is to teach your clients to play multiple songs using piano chords and by reading music charts).

I will charge $ per hour or a flat rate of per service.

(The rate should be fair both to you and to your client).

Publishing Business (Ebook, Video or Audio)

When you start learning more about your industry, you’ll begin to see information products of experts and influencers which include ebook, video or audio courses.

As you go along being more passionate about your new hobby, you can start packaging your experience into an infoproduct.

Follow these steps.

  1. Find a topic that people are willing to pay to learn about it. If expertise doesn’t exist, you can do tons of research.
  2. Write down your insights, expertise or experiences and turn it into either a book, audio, or video.
  3. Next is to create an offer by answering, what exactly are you selling? and why should other people take action on it?
  4. Decide on a fair price for your offer.
  5. Find a way to get people pay you (Paypal is a good option).
  6. Publish the offer and market it out.

Go to, check their resources section and learn more about other business models.



It’s not enough to just find a hobby to replace your gaming addiction.

You have to enjoy spending time with it and making sure you’re becoming more and more passionate on it as you go along.

This way you’ll never go back to your gaming hobby or addiction.


I’d love to hear what you think about this guide on finding hobbies.

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below. I’ll be online today to answer any of your questions.

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