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How to Quit League of Legends (LOL)

How many times have you tried to quit league of legends but found yourself back to gaming in just days?

Three, five, seven, multiple times right?

League of legends is undoubtedly extremely addicting.

More and more people are engaging into this game.

In fact, Riot Games reports that 27 million people play the game daily, while concurrent players peak at 7.5M. In their total statistics, 67 million players play the game every month.


And you’re one of them.

While that’s a big number, many gamers of Lol have decided to quit already. Check out some screenshots of forum posts below.

how to quit lol forum gamer

league of legends gamer quitting board forum

They have their own reasons why they quit and multiple reasons that haven’t been said on other forum boards.

So let’s take a look at some of them to give you a push to quit if you haven’t decided yet.


Opportunity Cost

The time and money wasted on playing League of Legends should be everyone’s primary reason why they should quit.

The opportunity cost of playing Lol or any other video games is critical to every gamer out there. It should have been spent for personal development activities like reading books, learning about a new hobby that can later turn into a side-project or business, or as simple as attending social groups,

Think about this:

If you’ve spent 7 hours a day in playing Lol and you do this regularly every week, that’s equivalent to 168 hours within six months.

If you do the math, in two years, you’ve already consume 5110 hours of your life playing League of Legends (or other video games combined).

Spending that same number of hours to a hobby that will help you (almost) master one hobby or skill. That is half of the hours needed to master a skill.

Malcom Gladwell states that in order for you to master one thing, you need to spend 10,000 hours in doing it.

If you haven’t considered the opportunity cost, take a step back and meditate what I’ve said.

Sole playing

You can play league of legends alone continuously for 6 to 8 hours straight (with small breaks for going to the restroom).

But you’ll then feel a sudden boredom doing it for months or years.

You want friends to come with you and play.

It gets boring if you don’t have an active social group of gaming friends. You don’t have someone to converse with on any new patches/updates/tricks to keep winning the game.

That emptiness of wanting to engage with real people outside of the game increases your level of boredom that may eventually lead to finally quitting Lol.

Technical concerns

I find this the least reason why people quit Lol.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a stable connection, you can enjoy playing the game hustle-free.

If you don’t have an extremely fast connection, this maybe your number one reason to start quitting the game.

Too many updates while your connection drops almost every minute you play.

The game itself gets updates around 2 to 3 times.

Unfortunately, you can’t play League of Legends without updating it.

Much worse if you have connectivity issues.

You can’t play it in offline mode.

Though it’s the same for other online games like Dota2 and the first versions/updates of Dota where you have to update any patch/version of the game, the lack of stability of internet connection kills your momentum in playing it.

While experiencing that loss of momentum, you’ll then feel more boredom and stress.

Toxic community

Unlike Dota2 where gamers are toxic with their words, League of legend is less likely to have a high number of toxic people.

However, like any other games, some LOL players couldn’t control mincing words to their team players or opponents, especially in the heat of the moment.

If you lose the game, you’ll be blamed because you’re seemingly the weakest player in the team.

Of course, they won’t blame themselves, they’ll throw your major or minor mistake at your face.

For example, you became aggressive at advancing in the MID (middle) lane without any support champions at your back, or you’re not too observant (your map awareness skills is quite low) or you’re just too conservative not to go to the war even if you’re the TANK.

If you win, you’ll still get foul words whether you like it or not – it’s their way of celebrating the success.

toxic community league of legends

Ahymsa (forum member name) from League of Legends forum had this experience of raging folks at LOL.

Anybody threaten to rape my mother. or father. Or non-existent brothers or sisters.

Anybody call me a ***.

Anybody call me a ****er.

Anybody call me a noob.

Anybody call me a name … actually … of any sort.

Anybody rage at me because of how I play a game.

Anybody rage at me for picking a role.

Nobody has spoken to me with any kind of hatred.

If you are the kind of gamer who is sensitive or doesn’t want to hear foul language, this might be your reason to stop playing League of Legends.

It lowers your morale and is unhealthy,

You may not be aware, but sooner or later, you’ll find yourself doing the same thing to others as well, not just online, but worse, offline conversations.


Take supplements

Do you know the secret?

It’s not always about finding hobbies that will help you stop gaming addiction.

There is one strategy that people do to quit gaming.

That is:

Taking vitamin D and B12 (methylcobalamin)

If you are really deficient in vitamin D, you won’t be able to manage your brain’s dopamine levels.

In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter — a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain includes several distinct dopamine systems, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior.

Note: Don’t be confused. Dopamine is not the meaning of “D” in vitamin D.

Vitamin D refers to a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc [3]. It’s not a single substance, but several that they found over time that did similar things (source: Wikipedia).

Ben from QuitLol.com experimented this of not taking vitamin D in one summer time.

Because of it, it wants him to get a considerable level of dopamine.

This got him to play video games again.


Video games are well-known to cause a rapid dopamine release in the brain.

Because of it, you’ll find other activities to be boring compared to gaming.

And if you can’t find any hobbies aside from gaming, you’ll mostly likely resort to what you just know – playing games.

You may also find yourself feeling the same way.

Here are some symptoms of low dopamine.

  • fatigue, loss of motivation, inability to focus
  • forgetfulness, memory loss, insomnia
  • sugar cravings, caffeine cravings
  • problems handling stress

The main point here is that you need to get an adequate level of vitamin D.

Even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms above, take these supplements (vitamin D and B12) as early as now.

Finding hobbies or things that interests you to replace gaming

taking care of pets

You decided to quit, but you can’t find one thing to replace video gaming.

The worst case that can happen to you (if you decided to completely quit) is to revert back to gaming.

But here’s my gift for you:

I’ve created an ultimate guide to find hobbies to replace gaming, so you’ll never have to go back with your addiction. This resource includes 231 HOBBIES in different industries that requires different interests. If you can’t choose even just one hobby, I’ve provided actionable tips to find one that suits for you.

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To quit Lol is to understand that you have so much more to do than to play your most favorite online game.

You still have studies.

You have a job to excel in.

You have relationships with relatives and friends, which you need to value more.

You can win many games in League of Legends, but they aren’t equivalent to winning in real life.


I’d love to hear what you think about this guide on how to quit league of legends.

You may have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below. I’ll be online today to answer any of your questions.

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